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Welcome to the Heart Mom Chronicles Blog

Welcome!​ Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog site and I hope you take the time to read some of my posts. 

My blogs will be posted under two topics: "Dominic: Heart Warrior" and "Grieving & Healing." Under the Dominic Heart Warrior section, I will be posting about my journey as a Heart Mom. A Heart Mom is a momma who has a baby(ies) who have heart disease that cause congenital heart defects. As a Heart Mom (I capitalize it because it is an honorable title), I went through a complete rollercoaster ride that not many cannot even begin to comprehend. My journey began the moment my son, Dominic Gabriel DeLeon, was diagnosed with Heterotaxy Syndrome with Congenital Heart Defects at 14 weeks gestation. I am STILL a heart mom, but he is now a beautiful heart angel in heaven.

The second section Grieving & Healing is all about how healing journey as I mourn the death of Dominic. Dominic went to heaven June 20, 2020 and it's been extreme headache since then. I will expand on how difficult it is to refine your purpose, find motivation or reason to go on in life, the pain that fills your mind and body, and everything bereaved parent related. 

Read the posts and comment if you have any thoughts or can relate. I hope you find my posts insightful, or in someway inspiring or empowering. 

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